Christmas Lights  Troubleshooting

Introduction & Setting Up Your Business

You need to get started with your own Christmas Lighting business. Topics covered will include: how to get your tax ID, choosing a business name, and setting up a business bank account.

Sales And Marketing

Now that you have a business, you need to get the word out. Topics covered include: setting up a basic website, SEO, GoogleAds, Facebook Ads, yard signs, and other marketing secrets.

Quoting And Scheduling

What to do with the customers you are now reeling in. Topics covered will include: quoting competitively & to make a profit, and efficient job scheduling.

How To Install Holiday Lighting And Tips

Everthing you need to know about Holiday Lighting Installation. From installing to take downs and staorage.

Troubleshooting Problems

How to fix problems and keep the light on.

Ladder And Chemical Saftey

How to use ladders safely so you dont get hurt or killed.

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